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Dr. Moses Playing the Ndengue

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Dr. Moses playing the Ndengue.
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FOKONG Moses Ndasi (1937 - 1996)
Cameroonian Musical Pioneer

"Doctor" Moses Fokong was an artist and musician from the town of Bali-Nyonga in the West African country of Cameroon. In the 1960's he founded the Cameroon Modern Jazz Orchestra (originally named the Bali Modern Jazz Orchestra).

The end of Colonialism in West Africa precipitated a musical Reniassance.  The songs of Dr. Moses were the first regional hits to come from the former British Cameroons.  His contemporaries included Fela Kuti, Prince Nico Mbarga, Frances Bebey, and Manu Dibango. Although Dr. Moses' career faltered in the 1970's, his songs are still standards in Cameroon's nightclubs.

The nickname "Dr. Moses" originated from his early career as a flamboyant traditional healer.  Later, for his promotion of Cameroonian arts, he was given the honorary title Doctor of Culture. He also was known as a gifted woodcarver.

Pictures from the Death Celebration

Pictures from the Death Celebration
Atanga Ndimofor and Ted Johnson, March 2, 1997

Remembering Doctor Moses
Ted Johnson, May 1996
Written shortly after receiving news of his death.
Carvings by Dr. Moses Carvings by Dr. Moses
Images of artwork produced throughout his career.
Bali Modern Jazz: Riding Through the Crest
Ndzong Tafor & Nico Ngong
Cameroon Life
, August 1990

A concise history of the group.
Carvings by Maxwell Fokong Carvings by Maxwell Fokong
Son of Dr. Moses.
Sound File (235k .wav)
Perfomed on Ndengue. Recorded at my house in Bali-Nyonga.

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